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Having this information prior to the event will allow the students to use their short time it is a speed event after all most effectively. Small touches will make a difference. Providing name tags for everyone, water for the panelists, extra paper and writing instruments for taking notes, and encouraging the professionals to pass out business cards will add to the experience for both parties. It is important to pay attention to time during the activity. Each round has to be long enough for the students to gather some information and short enough to get to each panelist during the activity.

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A stopwatch and a whistle are essential equipment. Most important is to leave time for reflection for the students. At the end of the experience, have students work in their pairs to discuss what they learned. Ask them to synthesize their learning and report to the group their general conclusions.

  • Speed Dating Discussion!
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  • Speed discussions speaking activity;
  • Speed Discussions speaking activity.
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Then, create an opportunity for each student, or pair of students, to share what they learned with the rest of the class. This sharing can be done in class or in a written format, which can be compiled and distributed to the entire class. The feedback in my class following this activity confirmed for me that this format was a richer learning experience than a traditional panel discussion. One student remarked that she felt they were getting a special backstage pass to connect with professionals in their field.

The activity allowed for deep learning and sparked inquiry into the profession that carried throughout the semester. Contemporary pedagogical theory put into practice. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, 23 2 , Creating conditions that matter.

Speed Dating Discussion – Creative Teacher's Classroom

Ten proposals for action. Active Learning in Higher Education, 11 There is a small amount of prep that goes into this. First, I created an overview sheet that explained the concept to my students and included a graphic organizer for them to fill out to give them some accountability. I set up my classroom to have a circle of desks.

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It just made more logistical sense in my classroom. Set up the desks and then divide your class into two groups, one that stays sitting and one that rotates. Explain the concept to your kids. Again, I used a simple graphic organizer that I assigned to my kids through Google Classroom.

Using the "Speed Dating" Model to Enhance Student Learning

We have gone 1: After that, I gave them 1 minute to briefly record their thoughts on the organizer. Giving them specific time sections for conversing vs. I absolutely loved the way this turned out.

Some key things I loved:. I encourage you to try this in your own classroom!

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