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Dating an Architect

B reject the settlement proposal and refer the matter to another panel of the Discipline Committee for a hearing; or. Proclaimed - September 23, In force - September 23, Association continued 3 The Nova Scotia Association of Architects, as constituted immediately before the coming into force of this Act, continues to be a body corporate and politic with perpetual succession and a common seal with its head office at Halifax.

Council 4 1 There shall be a Council of the Association to be elected or appointed in the manner provided for in this Act and the by-laws. Powers of Council 5 Subject to this Act, the regulations and the by-laws, the Council shall govern, control and administer the affairs of the Association and may exercise all powers vested in it by this Act, the regulations and the by-laws.

Officers 6 1 The officers of the Association are the President, Vice-president and Secretary-treasurer and those officers shall exercise the powers and have the duties set out in the by-laws. First meeting 7 At its first meeting after election, the Council shall a elect from its members who are licensed architects a Vice-president, Secretary-treasurer and a Registrar and appoint from among the members of the Association a Board of Registration; and b make such other appointments as it deems appropriate to carry out its mandate. Meetings 8 1 Meetings of the Association and Council shall be called, held and governed in the manner prescribed in the by-laws.

Architects Act

Purposes of Association 9 The Association has as its purposes a the protection of the public through i the maintenance of professional competence and ethical conduct of its members, and ii the enforcement of this Act with respect to illegal practice; b the advancement of the knowledge, skill and proficiency of its members in all matters relating to the practice of architecture; and c the promotion of the architectural profession and architectural services in the public interest.

Classes of membership 12 The Association shall maintain a class of membership known as licensed architect and the Association may establish and maintain, pursuant to the regulations, other classes of membership as determined from time to time.

Registration of licensed architects 13 An individual shall be registered as a licensed architect of the Association if that individual holds a current licence issued by the Board. Application for other classes of membership 14 An individual applying for a class of membership other than that of a licensed architect shall apply in the manner and in the form provided for in the by-laws and shall provide such evidence of the individual's qualifications, work experience, examinations and other qualifications as may be prescribed by the regulations.

Council Of Architecture

Fees 15 An individual applying for a class of membership other than as a licensed architect shall pay such fees as are required by the Association pursuant to the by-laws. Entitlements of licensed architect 16 A licensed architect is entitled to a vote at any meeting of the Association; and b use "architect" or any of its abbreviations or derivatives as a descriptive title with respect to that member.

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Duties of members 17 A member in any class of membership shall a observe the Association's standards of ethical conduct including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, all canons of ethics adopted by the by-laws; and b give notice, in writing, to the Registrar of any intention to resign from the Association and, only with the approval of the Council, resign from the Association. Striking from register for non-payment 18 One month after the fees of a member of any class become payable, the Council may strike that member's name from the register if the annual fees have not been paid.

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Application for licence 19 1 Every individual applying to the Board for a licence shall a submit an application in the form approved by the by-laws; b pay the fee approved by Council; c submit evidence satisfactory to the Board that such individual holds a certificate from a designated architectural certification board or has completed such other education as the Board deems equivalent; d submit evidence satisfactory to the Board that such person has completed practical work experience required by the Board; e provide confirmation of liability insurance as prescribed by the regulations; f have successfully completed examinations as required by Council; g provide evidence satisfactory to the Board to establish the applicant is of such good character as to safely and ethically engage in the practice of architecture; and h complete such other requirements for licensing as set out in the regulations.

Exemption from examination 20 The Board may exempt an applicant from the examination requirements of clause 19 f if the applicant holds a certification issued by any designated architectural registration board. Register 21 The Council shall cause to be kept by the Registrar a register, to be known as the Register of the Nova Scotia Association of Architects, in which shall be entered the particulars of each member, including the class of membership to which the member belongs.

The first register so prepared shall thereafter be published in such manner as the Central Government may direct and any person aggrieved by a decision of the Registration Tribunal expressed or implied in the register so published may, within thirty days from the date of such publication, appeal against such decision to an authority appointed by the central Government in this behalf by notification in the Official Gazette.

The authority appointed under sub-section 4 shall, after giving the person affected an opportunity of being heard and after calling for relevant records, make such order as it may deem fit. The Registrar shall amend, where necessary, the register in accordance with the decisions of the authority appointed under sub-section 4.

Chapter - III

Every person whose name is entered in the register shall be issued a certificate of registration in such form as may be prescribed by rules. Upon the constitution of the Council, the register shall be given into its custody, and the Central Government may direct that the whole or any specified part of the application fees for registration in the first register shall be paid to the credit of the Council. A person shall be entitled on payment of such fees as may be prescribed by rules to have his name entered in the register, if he resides or carries on the profession of architect in India and -- Holds a recognised qualification, or Does not hold such a qualification but, being a citizen of India, has been engaged in practice as an architect for a period of not less than five years prior to the date appointed under sub-section 2 of section 24, or Possesses such other qualifications as may be prescribed by rules: Provided that no person other than a citizen of India shall be entitled to registration by virtue of a qualification -- Recognised under sub-section 1 of section 15 unless by the law and practice of a country outside India to which such person belongs, citizens of India holding architectural qualification registrable in that country are permitted to enter and practise the profession of architect in such country, or Unless the Central Government has, in pursuance of a scheme of reciprocity or otherwise, declared that qualification to be a recognised qualification under sub-section 2 of section After the date appointed for the receipt of applications for registration in the first register of architects, all applications for registration shall be addressed to the Registrar of the Council and shall be accompanied by such fee as may be prescribed by rules.

If upon such application the Registrar is of opinion that the applicant is entitled to have his name entered in the register he shall enter thereon the name of the applicant: Provided that no person, whose name has under the provisions of this Act been removed from the register, shall be entitled to have his name re-entered in the register except with the approval of the Council. Any person whose application for registration is rejected by the Registrar may, within three months of the date of such rejection, appeal to the Council. Upon entry in the register of a name under this section, the Registrar shall issue a certificate of registration in such form as may be prescribed by the rules.