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Austin provided particular geographic issues because it does not feature a centralized or specific gayborhood.

5th U.S.-Africa Expo, Business Matchmaking & Awards Conference May 9 -12, 2019 in Austin Texas

With Houston and Dallas, Shaklee says they will hopefully set offices near the Montrose and Oak Lawn gayborhoods, but also plan to help those that might reside outside traditional spots. Shaklee also says that there is talk of matching people from different cities with one another. H4M hopes to expand beyond Texas, but growth in the state is important before it happens.

Shaklee says that H4M is all about a private, exclusive experience that focuses on quality. Eating Well is the Best Revenge.

Matchmaking Works!

Where to drink now. By Stephanie Allmon Merry. Bursting at the seams. The roofs are on fire. A piece of history. Texas Made Texas Modern. Luxury Car of the Year: Lexus remakes its flagship LS and it was worth the wait — and wood. I had to think about past relationships, what sparked it, how long it lasted how it ended, how I handled the breakup, and how I moved on.

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So after a few drinks and some tears, I answered everything honestly sent off to the matchmaker and waited to hear back from her. I specifically stated that I have reached the age where having kids biologically is not an option. If he has kids great, if adoption comes up then we would discuss, but I am not having kids. This was another red flag I chose to ignore. After getting settled in her office I mentioned that it may be a deal breaker for me if the guy she sets me up with wants me to pop out kids.

She agreed and we moved on. She was quite the saleswoman, telling me I am a good candidate for her members because I am a shorter woman.

Most of the women in the service were tall and the men were looking for a more petite girl. This should have been another red flag but once again I chose to ignore it. I then met with the image consultant who had some constructive criticism that I thought she might point out. She gave me some tips on wearing more makeup and adding accessories to my wardrobe. I asked her to email her suggestions on what I needed to improve upon. She never did, even after I followed up with her about four times. She sent a onesheet title page with my name on it and nothing else.

No Games Or Gimmicks

Yes, major red flag that I brought up to the matchmaker but nothing was done about it. I am not going to even tell you how much the service cost because first, I am embarrassed to admit how much I spent. That money was basically wasted and could have been better spent on a vacation where I more than likely would have met a better prospect than what I met in her service.

The service included a six month contract where I would be entitled to a minimum of six introductions along with dating coaching. About a week later, I received my first introduction. What she forgot to mention was he was a bit socially inept, way underweight and very hard to talk to. I was not his type as he likes a smaller girl. Bachelor 2 — 40 and has a 3 year old, works in IT , has his MBA, is close to his family, spiritual, is very outdoorsy, likes fishing is very active, likes to travel, likes to cook, is a big sports fan.

Single In Austin?

Bachelor 3 — 50, never married, no kids, is a doctor, grew up on the East Coast, family is important to him, runs and does yoga, is a big movie buff, likes the theater, also enjoys music, and can be outdoorsy. He was late to the date letting us know ahead of time that day so I was thinking there some medical scheduling that would make him late.

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Later when he arrived he mistakenly mentioned that he came directly to the restaurant from Yoga. He actually wanted to go out with me again because he said I looked a lot younger than my age and he really liked that. But I passed on Mr. Then he proceeded to interview me for the next hour to see if I was good enough to meet his momma. During our date, he answered his phone and sent texts then proceeded to tell me stories about his VIP access to music events. Luckily the date was over within an hour. The matchmaker then calls me to have a serious conversation about the fact that these guys think I am overweight.

She tells me maybe we should put my contract on hold while I lose about 10lbs. Seriously, this is the dating coaching you provide? I am by no means a skinny girl but I am also not fat, I work out about days a week doing Krav Maga and Crossfit. A couple of days later, in last ditch effort, the matchmaker has me come into her office to give me a mini makeover before my next date.

Her image consultant basically did my hair and makeup and made me look like a drag queen.

So this is the look the matchmaker wanted me to portray in order for me to catch a man, Raccoon Eye Drag queen. People turn to us because they're tired of game playing and are serious about finding a relationship. Our matchmaking system cuts out the game playing of online dating and gimmicks of speed and lunch dating services.

Austin Matchmakers | Dating & Matchmaking For Local Singles

Get out of the dating game and let a Personal Matchmaker go to work for you. What are you waiting for? Austin Matchmakers is the best way to meet quality local singles.